20160220_113608_resizedIt’s March and for some parts of the U.S birds are chirping, it’s warm outside and people are getting that itch to get out and enjoy spring.  Today however, the phone rang and the local school district in my wonderful town announced – due to the hazardous weather and 6 inches of snow fall – that schools will be closed.  I’m not like most Mom’s when it comes to a snow day. Many would be content to use this day to clean the house or maybe go to a movie.  I see it as a chance to ski fresh powder, and this time of year it could be the very last day we ski this season.  I took the troops, my 8 year old son and 10 year old daughter out for one last hurrah!  Here are 5 observations that were interesting of this day of skiing.

  1. First tracks are the best–  If you can, get out there early.  Nothing is better than fresh snow and the being the one that plows the way for others.
  2. Wednesdays are Men’s day! Guys get a discounted rate.  Didn’t know that was a thing.
  3. People skiing with jeans still exist– Yes, I thought someday that it would finally end but sure enough around 3pm, two guys shimmied in front of me.  They were wearing light blue levis and one of them had on a Mustang Leather Jacket.  Hey, I’m from Detroit and I get the whole car obseession but not on the hill.
  4. People skiing in Sweatpants? Apparently this happened today too. Again a guy with forest green sweat pants.  Could it be that Men’s day brings out strangeness?
  5. Parents and Kids with no helmets!- This is a no no.  We are not in the 70’s!  I couldn’t believe how many kids did not have helmets and their parents that joined in there ridiculousness.
  6. 20160220_115209_resizedKids in trees are the coolest – There are always those kids that are pushing the boundaries and going where they shouldn’t go. I respect these groms.
  7. Snowboard and Skiers can get along– Most of the young groups of friends in the park had a mix of skiers and riders showing off their tricks.
  8. Cheeseburgers are the rage!  A friend of mine just got cheeseburger earmuffs and ski poles. At first I thought it was kinda cheesy.  But today I saw a Cheeseburger Jacket! Not kidding.  I got back to the lodge and bought a cheeseburger.

No matter where you are, snow days are the bomb.  It was a whole day to spend with my kids doing something fun and outdoors, a rare occasion to enjoy!

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