What is the new Line Sakana?

You may have heard of Eric Pollard, if you haven’t we can fill you in. Eric Pollard is a professional skier who for years now has always been tinkering with ski design to find different ways for progressive skiers to have more fun on the mountain.

Line allows him to go wild and get creative with shapes and styles. Pollard has been working very closely for years with Line Skis to create new and different shaped skis. Hence his latest creation the 2019 Line Sakana.

Radical Shape

Line Sakana Shape

The first thing you may notice about the Sakana is the fact that it has a very unique shape. A very wide tip (150mm), all mountain waist (105mm) and a swallow tail are designed to give you one versatile ski with a very mixed personality.

One day you can be turnin’ and burnin’ on the frontside of the mountain and the next day you can be bouncing through some knee deep pow. The supersized shovel with a healthy amount of tip rocker really helps the ski dive into a turn. Camber underfoot grips the snow and delivers a high amount of rebound to spring you into your next turn. The Swallow Tail has an uncanny ability to dig into the snow when you want it to, and release you from a turn effortlessly when you want it to.

In the pow the Sakana feels incredibly nimble. That massive shovel is unsinkable, no matter how deep the snow is. The 105mm waist has plenty of girth to stay on top of everything. Most importantly, the Swallow Tail tips the ski down at the tail and raises the tip. Think of a speedboat accelerating. This unique tail shape also does a great job of giving you that perfect smear turn in the uber deep.

Not only does the Sakana ski well in the groomed snow and powder, this shape does impressively well in wet, heavy snow and crud.

The Flex

The Sakana is made with Line’s Partly Cloudy Core which uses a mix of Paulownia and Maple which has a very high strength to weight ratio. A Carbon/Flax Reinforcement gives the ski a nice little snap of energy while you transition between the edges of your turns regardless of the turn shape and conditions you are skiing. The Sakana has a very unique mix of playfulness when you want to slarve and slide turns or when you want to set an edge and carve perfect railroad tracks in the snow.

Sizing the Line Sakana

Line Sakana 181cm & 174cm

What you may notice about the Sakana is that it is only available in two relatively small sizes 174cm and 181cm. The 174cm is the bread and butter size. I have been told that this is the size that Eric Pollard rides. While many readers think that this may be way too small. I know first hand that the shape and flex pattern of this ski will surprise you. I have always been a fan of longer skis, and was astonished by how stable and how much floatation the “small size” gave me while testing. Only the biggest and most aggressive skiers would need the 181cm.

At a recent industry demo I was getting ready for my first run on the Sakana. On the lift ride up another tester had ridden the Sakana earlier in the week and his words were “give ‘er hell”. I made it a point to find the steepest run I could access via that lift and do just that, fast as I could. Big sweeping turns, smooth arcs, then you could shut it down for some tight carves. The Sakana did them all. I was pretty impressed. You will be too.

If you are looking for a unique ride that is willing to take on any type of terrain with ease, the new Line Sakana will be the ski for you. For more details on the Sakana, head to Skis.com for on snow reviews, buying guides and more. And as always don’t forget to follow us on Facebook and subscribe to the blog below.

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  1. KB
    October 20, 2018 at 7:49 pm (4 years ago)

    Reminds me of my 70’s Hexel splittails.


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