The Chronic has been a key player from Line for many years, and has gone through several incarnations. Progressive skiers who have spent the majority of their time in the park and goofing around on the frontside of the mountain have always enjoyed the Chronic as a ski that won’t break the bank and offer you an incredible experience on the mountain, if you know how to use it. This latest version for the 2019 season is showing signs of being the best yet.

What’s new with the Chronic?

2019 Line Chronic Skis

For starters the Chronic has a totally updated shape. The waist width grew from 92mm to 95mm. While this may not seem like a lot, when you are stomping landings off of huge tabletops and jumps in the park, every little bit counts.

With the new waist width all of the other dimensions changed as well (from 19m down to 16m), giving you a much tighter turning radius, which only adds to the playful feel and easier maneuvering anywhere you want to go.

A slight taper has been added to the tip and tail, lowering the swingweight making it easier for you to spin, either in the air or when you are flipping around switch for a nasty hand drag. This taper also helps prevent the tips and tails from getting hung up in bumps, crud or powder.

The new flex pattern has been dialed in perfectly. Rigidity was added underfoot to deliver a stiffer, more stable feeling when you are turning and burning on the groomers or going big off of jumps. The tip and the tail are softer than ever before allowing you smoother butters and more steeze.

The new Tuff Top is a long overdue addition to the Chronic.Tuff Top improves the durability of the topsheet. This stronger topsheet is much less prone to chipping, knicks and scratches that freestyle skiers are known for putting on their skis.

What was left Unchanged with the Chronic?

Since the Line Chronic has been such a popular ski for so many years, there are plenty of things that Line and their team of designers left alone.

A Symmetrical Flex helps you spin, land and ride switch giving you an ultra-playful feeling and the confidence to attempt any rail or trick in your repertoire, even when attempting new tricks.

The Fatty Base and Edge offers thicker and stronger bases and edges, because you are going to attempt to ride these bad boys on anything but snow. This added durability is known to withstand the punishment from the most aggressive urban riders.

-30mm Stance is always a hot topic of debate for Chronic skiers. Frankly this feels just right for all-mountain skiing, but most Chronic skiers who are strictly looking to ride freestyle terrain will move up the mounting position 30mm to the core center of the ski. This is of course a matter of preference for your skiing and riding style.

Line’s Maple Macroblock Core is popular throughout many of their skis. Two full length Maple Stringers run the entire length of the ski and are surrounded by Aspen. This loads the ski with energy, snap and stability.

Who is the Line Chronic for?

With its shape and flex pattern the 2019 Line Chronic is an excellent option for experienced and aggressive skiers who will be ripping in the park, going fast and big off of as many features as possible. While not limiting itself to strictly a freestyle ski, the Chronic is fully capable of holding its own anywhere on the mountain. You will find the Chronic stable at higher speeds and easy to maneuver, although you probably will not get the most precise edge grip on icy or firm conditions. This new 95mm waist is easy to ride in the bumps and crud with some solid soft snow skiing ability.

If you are new to freestyle skiing you may want to consider the 2019 Line Honey Badger for a softer, more forgiving ride. Other skiers looking for a little more versatility should consider something even softer and wider like the 2019 Line Blend.

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