Last season Dynastar rolled out their new Legend X series for both men and women with rave reviews. Designed for taking on any condition for any level of skier the Legend X boasts some new technologies that give them a smooth and strong ride on the mountain.

What Technologies go into the Legend X Series?

Undoubtedly the coolest technology that Dynastar has developed for the Legend X is the Powerdrive. Powerdrive utilizes three different materials in the construction near the sidewalls of the ski that boost your power transmission and dampen out vibrations. Powerdrive consists of a combination of wood, ABS material and visco elastomers.

A 5-Point Sidecut creates a highly maneuverable feeling and effortless control, even when conditions are difficult. This taper in the tips and tails prevents the ski from getting grabbed by bumps, crud or heavy snow making it effortless to ski.

What Dynastar Legend X is best for me?


Legend X 106 is a big and powerful ride for aggressive skiers looking for a single ski to rip big, smooth arcs on the frontside with the waist width and rocker profile to get after it in the powder when things are soft and deep.

The Paulownia Wood Core has a 100% Fiber Reinforcement that drives power to the ski without adding any extra weight. A Sandwich Construction delivers an excellent edge hold if conditions are firm.


Legend X 96 is designed for the strong intermediate to expert skier who will be splitting their time evenly between the frontside of the mountain and the un-groomed terrain.

The Ti and Fiber Reinforcement adds more horsepower to Paulownia Wood Core, and at 96mm underfoot you will find this ski to feel agile when you need to make some tighter turns in the trees, with a nice wide platform when you open it up down an empty bowl.


Legend X 88 has a stiffer and more powerful feeling than the two wider versions making it ideal for frontside skiers who want a wide enough waist to head off trail on occasion with plenty of girth to power through crud and light powder.

Dual Ti Layers beef up the Poplar Wood Core to give you great edge hold on icy or firm terrain and loads of stability when you are hitting top speed. The X88 is the first ski to include the SPX Konect Binding which is now compatible with WTR boot soles.


Legend W 88 is a perfect ski for the strong intermediate to expert female skier looking for versatility by spending the majority of her time on the groomers, but will head off piste when the conditions are right.

The Powerdrive Free Construction has vibration dampening properties that run the entire length of the ski to deliver one smooth ride at any speed. The Sandwich Construction has two Titanal Layers that improve edge grip and stability, especially when conditions are tricky.


Legend X 84 is an excellent choice for the athletic intermediate up to advanced skier who will strictly be skiing on the groomers. At 84mm underfoot and the 5-Point Sidecut the X84 does a fantastic job of slicing medium radius carves.

A Sandwich Construction grips the snow and adds extra responsiveness when you ramp up the speed. This is a great ski for Back East skiers who feel challenged by bumps or cruddy terrain.


Legend W 84 is another sold choice for ladies who want to ramp up their game without breaking the bank. The Full Length Vertical Sidewalls and Wood Core has a very lively and energetic feeling, without being too demanding or fatiguing.

This model is equipped with the Powerdrive Free Construction that absorbs vibrations and delivers a smooth ride, while being easy to maneuver.


Legend X 80 is a perfect game improvement option for the solid intermediate skier.

The Central Sidewall Construction has a forgiving cap construction in the tip and tail that allow for forgiveness and easy turning, while a vertical sidewall underneath the binding platform only adds edge hold and rigidity when you need it. Dynastar’s Powerdrive Inside Technology allows for a natural flex and effortless control and quick confidence building.


Legend W 80 makes an excellent option for the athletic beginner to solid intermediate female skier. Made with Dynastar’s Active Light Core the total weight of the ski is reduced by 17%.

The 100% Fiber Reinforcement gives you some stability when you are ready to pick up speed while maintaining a light and forgiving feeling. And the Central Sidewall Construction provides edge hold and stability when you need it, with a forgiving tip and tail.


Legend X Pro is a progressive learning tool for progressive skiers who do not want to limit themselves to the groomers. A Wood Core is reinforced with 100% Fiber Reinforcements that keep the ski lightweight and forgiving, while allowing you to ramp up the speed.

The Full Cap Construction allows you to skid and slide a turn if necessary. A 90mm waist is much wider than most skis at this skill level, which gives you solid floatation when the snow is fresh or helps you power through crud or mushy conditions.

For more details and on snow reviews for all of the exciting 2019 Dynastar Products find out more at

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