What’s new with the Atomic Vantage Series?

Coming off of a strong showing the past three seasons Atomic has made some awesome improvements to the Vantage series for the 2019 season. Designed to have a ski for all levels of skiers for both men and women the Atomic Vantage offers easy frontside skiing with a shape that rips when you venture into the good stuff, like the powder, bowls, trees and bumps, making them a fantastic one-ski-quiver.

How did Atomic do it?

Always progressing their skis to the next level Atomic started building the new Vantage series from the ground up with a new procedure for manufacturing skis. Traditional R&D steps started with a powerful ski and removing materials to reduce weight.

Atomic started with an ultra-light chassis, then added to the structure only in key strategic areas to add reinforcements and power. Hence the birth of Prolite Technology which is making skis versatile and easy to ski without sacrificing any performance. Both the Men’s Vantage and Women’s Vantage share an identical construction, which is why we are including them together in this blog.

Carbon Tank Mesh/Titanium Tank Mesh

Four years ago Atomic debuted the Carbon Tank Mesh which uses woven fibers of carbon to add rigidity to the ski while keeping it very lightweight. It was met with applause from a wide range of testers and skiers looking for powerful performance in a lightweight package.

For 2019 this construction has been taken to the next level with Titanium Tank Mesh to add even more horsepower, without the excess weight of traditional tip to tail, edge to edge titanium reinforcements.

Who is the Atomic Vantage Series for?

With five different skis in the men’s series and three different skis in the women’ series everyone from the hard charging, powder hound expert to the intermediate skier looking for their first faceshots has a ski for them. Let’s break them down model by model.

Vantage 107 Ti Mens Ski

Vantage 107 Ti is designed for the hard charging expert skier looking for an incredible ride in powder, with the versatility to ride anywhere. Titanium Tank Mesh keeps the ski ultra-stable. Exclusive to the 107 Ti is HRZN Tech. HRZN Tech is a horizontal rocker in the tip and tail, think of it as a speed boat hull shape that improves floatation and smear-ability in deep powder. An Energy Backbone runs the length of the ski to add a little extra power to keep the ski gripping when conditions get a little firm. Titanium Tank Mesh and Prolite Technology will have you amazed at how powerful, yet lightweight this ski is.

Vantage 97 Ti Mens Ski

Vantage 97 Ti makes a great option for the advanced to expert skier looking to divide their time evenly between the groomers and ungroomed terrain. Again the Titanium Tank Mesh and Energy Backbone provide a lightweight, easy to maneuver ride that feels smooth and stable. The 97 Ti is a true one-ski-quiver that holds its own when conditions get firm or when the snow stacks up and things get deep.

Vantage 90 Ti Womens Ski

Vantage 90 Ti and Vantage 90 Ti W is another versatile machine, but with the 90mm waist is geared for spending a little less time in the ungroomed terrain and more on the frontside of the mountain. Sharing the same Titanium Tank Mesh and Energy Backbone you get a stable and energetic ski that excels in the bumps. This ski will be a back East favorite for seasons to come. Speed demons will be impressed with the grip and rebound.

Vantage 97 C Womens Ski

Vantage 97 C and Vantage 97 C W both will be incredible valuess for this upcoming ski season. The Carbon Tank Mesh gives a little softer feel than the previous three skis, but the 97 C is still impressive at high speeds. Designed to be a one ski does it all for the intermediate to advanced skier the 97 C floats great in soft snow and possesses a little snappier touch than the titanium versions. Several skiers who like to drop the knee have told me that this would make an excellent tele set up.

Vantage 86 C Womens Ski

Vantage 86 C and Vantage 86 C W are very progressive skis for the bare bones beginner to solid intermediate skier who skis regularly at resorts that have the potential for heavy snowfall. This is the narrowest waist available in any Vantage ski. The 86mm waist can ride through crud and help the novice skier start to venture into their first ungroomed run. Carbon Tank Mesh and the Energy Backbone adds stability while keeping a forgiving feel that will not be too fatiguing or difficult to control.

Weight is always been a concern for many skiers. Skiers are always asking the quoted weight of skis. Atomic is leading the charge with Prolite Construction by reducing the weight of a ski, without sacrificing any stability. If you are looking for a ski that packs a powerful ride at any speed, that is highly capable of tearing through any snow condition that feels like you have nothing on your feet, a 2019 Atomic Vantage will be a fantastic ski for you.

2 Comments on 2019 Atomic Vantage Series Mens & Womens Ski Review

  1. Neil
    October 12, 2020 at 5:49 pm (2 years ago)

    How fast are the base on these skis? As an exracer I am looking for some all mountain skis that also have a fast bace so I’m not slugging along on the cat tracks

    • Brooke Curcuri
      October 29, 2020 at 9:05 am (2 years ago)

      The Atomic Vantage series features a high end base. It’s not a World Cup race base but it will give you the perfect amount of speed for what you’re looking for!


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