Shining like the cluster of nighttime stars they are named for; the Constellation Series from Salomon is back for another year of starry-eyed skiing. A something-for-everybody ski line for women of all skill levels, the Constellation Series provides a range of skis that are destined for admirable performance on the frontside of the mountain. Looking for an easy-to-control and smooth frontside ski? The skis in the Constellation line up are great for skiers back East or in the Midwest who need that agility and edge hold. The Constellation Series consists of four different models ranging from expert down to the greenest of greenhorns. The four skis in the line are the Astra, Cira, Luan and Gemma, all named for a different constellation that appears in the night sky during wintertime.

Three Years Running

The Constellation line is on Year 3 of its existence, a returning favorite for women of all different degrees of experience. Salomon brings the Constellation skis back as its frontside women’s ski of choice after positive reviews of their past iterations. The Gemma, in particular, has garnered some acclaim in the past as a smooth ski with some punch, great for ladies who are aces on the groomers. Snow Magazine had the Gemma rated as one of their top women’s skis last year, and it has gotten good reviews by some of our on-snow testers for this coming season. Let’s see what Salomon has in store for an encore.

Constellation Series Overview

The four-ski lineup consists of skis that are designed for on-trail carving on the frontside of a mountain, each tailored a little differently to suit a distinct level of skier.

Salomon Luan Women’s Skis

Luan: The Luan would make for a stellar first pair of skis. Very modestly priced, the Salomon Luan Womens Skis make it easy to get on the hill and get learning without burning a hole in your wallet. These skis are very forgiving and won’t punish you if you don’t have your technique down yet.

Salomon Cira Women’s Ski

Cira: A little more advanced than the Luan, the Salomon Cira Womens Skis will help novice skiers improve and get more comfortable with their maneuvers. The Cira prioritizes a smooth, clean ride so you can feel secure while pushing forward in your ski skill development. It retains the forgiveness of the Luan, but has a little more weight to it and a slightly stiffer flex.

Salomon Astra Women’s Skis

Astra: The Salomon Astra Womens Ski is similar in design to the Luan and Cira, but a bit more lively. The Astra is ideal for intermediate skiers looking for a groomer-friendly carver. A medium-style flex puts a little more pop into turns and power into your downhill skiing.

Salomon Gemma Women’s Skis

Gemma: The crown jewel of the Constellation line, the Salomon Gemma Womens Ski is best for advanced to expert skiers who want more versatility and force in their skis. Although the front-side is still its bread and butter, a wider waist on the Gemma gives it the ability to travel off-trail, as well as take on bumps and crud. Still light and playful, the Gemma has the stiff flex that experienced skiers will be looking for, allowing it to pack a punch.

Ski Tech New and Old

The Constellation Series’ tech is a good mixture of the tried-and-true and the up-to-date. Here’s a look at the most significant tech in this year’s skis and how it affects the way they ride:Constellation Series Gemma Ski

Cork Comfort Tech: The most prominent improvement to the Constellation Series this year is the addition of the Cork Comfort Tech. Underneath the binding platform sits the new Cork Comfort Tech, cork pads that are used to dampen out vibrations and create a smoother ride. Because of the fantastic vibration absorption properties of cork, it eliminates much of the shaky, unsteady feeling that occurs when skiing at high speeds. Cork Comfort Tech is available on the Luan and Cira in the toe only and in the Astra and Gemma in both the toe and heel.

Control Frame Technology: Salomon’s unique 3D structure returns in the Constellation Series skis this year. The Control Frame Technology has grip zones on the ski’s contact points that enhance your edge hold and responsiveness at both fast and slow speeds.

Basalt Layer: Basalt is a volcanic rock that is known to be very strong, but also very light, and by adding a layer of it to the ski it creates a more natural flex while still keeping the total ski weight down. This more-natural flex improves edge hold and stability at high speeds, important for aggressive skiers who will be moving fast and furious down the mountain. The Basalt Layer is added to the top two models of the Constellation Series, the Gemma and Astra.

Carve Rocker: All models of the Constellation series utilize a Carve Rocker, a ski profile that has just a slight amount of rocker in the tip but with traditional camber under foot. This helps initiate turns quickly and easily, adding stability when turning rapidly and at speed.

What Makes Them Special?

The Constellation Series is notable for its conception of women-focused skis that provide a fun and friendly front-side ride. All of the skis in this line allow for groomer skiing that is effortless and comfortable, whether you’re just getting the basics down or know the runs like the back of your hand.

Let’s not forget about the radiant visual design of the skis in the Constellation Series, a fitting complement to their graceful skiing. The Gemma and Astra look like they came straight out of a starry nighttime scene, and the Luan and Cira are just as visually-appealing with their easy-on-the-eyes colors.

Salomon Ski Video Reviews

One of the perks of being an employee at You get to be a test dummy! Our employees had the opportunity to demo these skis before they went on sale, and they had a lot to say about them. Watch our on-snow reviews of each ski in the Constellation line here.

Check out the Salomon Brand Page at for a looksee at all of our Salomon gear and for more on-snow Salomon ski reviews.

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