It is well known that the world of skiing fashion trends and snowboarding fashion trends often is a front runner in the fashion world. This season is no different, with new trends emerging, as well as some trends still going strong.

Here’s what’s hot for this season

The O'Neill Venus Women's Jacket
The O’Neill Venus Women’s Jacket

The trending colors for women’s ski and snowboard clothing this year are variations of purples and deep reds, with turquoise and some mint being at the top of the list for hot hits and all over colors. Light textures on fabrics are also giving added style with a hint of subtlety, such as rip stop and herringbone designs.

Color blocking and solid colors are still the majority of ski and snowboarding jacket options. But prints are still around and going strong, with leopard being the hot print of this season. Aztec prints are also very in right now in the ski and snowboard world, as well as everyday fashion, incorporating that turquoise color in them.

The Pajar Fox Trot Women's Boots
The Pajar Fox Trot Women’s Boots

Metalux zippers are popping up on women’s jacket and pants, which is a silver shine applied to zippers to make them pop. Fur hoods are big on women’s jackets, especially for casual and long down coat for this winter.

Fur on boots is also trending up this season, with Sorel being the hottest name in winter footwear right now.

Longer lengths in jackets, for both casual wear and ski wear, are big skiing fashion trends right now with length ranging from just below hip length to all the way down to knee. Vests are also coming back right now, and more companies are offering lots of choices for cute vests.

The Smartwool Corbet 120 Skirt
The Smartwool Corbet 120 Skirt

Athleisure wear

One of the biggest skiing fashion trends we are seeing in the fashion world is being called ‘athleisure’ meaning athletic wear being used for leisure wear, like yoga pants, leggings, wicking materials and so on.

This translates over to the ski and snowboard world with stylish base layers emerging that can be worn on their own or with insulated skirts over them. These insulated skirts are perfect for throwing over your base layer leggings for a night out, so all you have to do is take off your ski pants and hit the bar.

Gloves & Mittens

For men and women both gloves are still more popular than mittens in the ski and snowboard world, but mittens are still very much an option with heated versions of both being available for those who get cold hands while shredding. Touch screen gloves are taking over, and for good reason. These gloves allow you to use your touch screen phones without taking them off, meaning no more freezing fingers on chairlifts.

The Scott Ultimate Dryo Plus Men's Jacket
The Scott Ultimate Dryo Plus Men’s Jacket

Mens fashion trends

Men’s hot colors for this season are mainly deep earth tones such as olive greens, brick reds, navy blues and dark grays. Variations of yellow for hit and pop colors are also big, ranging from bright yellow to lots of mustard and deeper tones. Solid colors and color blocking is very dominating in men’s ski and snowboard fashion, with very few prints emerging, although there are still some.

The dominant color in men’s ski and snowboard pants has always been black, and will probably always be black. However, dark and mid grays are emerging as a good option other than black. Khaki is the hottest color for men’s pant, classing up and ski or snowboard jacket with a light but basic coloring.

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The Kuhl Thor 1/4 Zip Men’s Sweater

Sweaters and flannels continue to be on the forefront of style for snowboarding and skiing fashion trends, being popular for men and women alike, but dominating in men’s fashion. Flannels are popular across skiing and snowboarding alike, while sweaters have mainly been seen in the ski world, but still crossing over especially for après wear.

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