I may only be 26, but I’ve had my fair share of skiing experiences starting from the age of 3. Not to brag, but I’m for sure about to brag right now.

I’ve participated in a gaper day at Vail, gone cat skiing in Utah, skied in June at Snowbird, been to a lot of major resorts in North America, night skied, and built and sessioned a jump in a stranger’s yard (a rite of passage in my opinion), among other things.

But there’s a ton I haven’t done, and like a lot of skiers out there I have a skiing bucket list to keep tabs on them. Here are a few of mine:

1. Heli Ski Alaska

This is probably my number one on my skiing bucket list, I’d kill to go helicopter skiing in Alaska. Or at least maim. I’ve seen the video edits, I’ve heard the stories, and I’ve even been punched in the face with info on cost, but I still haven’t gone. This feels like a skier’s Mecca and I refuse to miss out.

2. Ski at least one place on every continent

In reality, I want to ski everywhere I possibly can. Who doesn’t? But that’s a pretty lofty goal for anyone, so I’ve narrowed it down a bit. Number two on my skiing bucket list is to ski at one place on every continent. It would be awesome, and specifically I want to make sure I hit Chamonix, Portillo, Japan for some Japow, and New Zealand. Not to mention how amazing skiing Antarctica would be, but that might be a ways off.

3. Do a real Chinese downhill or king of the mountain

So these might take a little research for those of you who haven’t seen Hot Dog The Movie and Out Cold. If you haven’t, I highly suggest you do, they are the must see ski movie and snowboard movie of their generations, respectively. Basically both are a race down the mountain anything goes style. Oh, and the latter involves beer. Who doesn’t want to do this?

4. Throw a perfect helicopter

This is self-explanatory, and I’ve never seemed to nail it. I grew up in the times of spread eagles, helicopters, and one piece ski suits. I feel like I owe the skiing 90’s an homage for all that they taught me. I will nail that helicopter and check it off my skiing bucket list.

5. Take at least one run on a monoboard

Have you seen these things? It’s like a giant ski/forward facing snowboard that you lock into and just hope for the best, I assume. They look super weird, and I can make fun of them all I want, but I have to respect the hell out of anyone who rides them because it just looks like a sure way to die on the hill. The guys that ride monoboards are the heroes of skiing, and I need to take at least one run on them to fully appreciate that fact.

6. Test my skills at Silverton and Mad River Glen

As I’ve said before, I want to ski everywhere I possibly can, but these two resorts are like the legends of skiing. Two very classic, no frills, no joke type mountains with a lot of sensation built up around them. Both resorts have only one lift and from there you’re on your own, and this is how I want to test my skills.

7. Take a backcountry ski trip and stay in a yurt

For this skiing bucket list item, I’d love to take a true backcountry ski trip for a lot of reasons, but mostly because saying yurt is a lot of fun. Try it. But also because a yurt trip sounds like an incredible experience. Yurt.

8. Make a terrible go pro edit

Let me make this clear, I don’t actually want a video of myself skiing. I just feel like this is now a staple of skiing, I’ve got to see what all the fuss is about. I know it will be terrible. I know no one will want to watch it. I’ll make one anyways.

9. Do a pond skim

I love pond skim videos, like the one from Jackson Hole. They just look like so much fun. And every time I watch one I think I’ve nailed the technique in my mind: tips up, weight slightly back, and keep tight to your center. But I’ll never know until I try it.

10. Find the perfect onsie

Me, in my favorite onsie

One piece ski suits are my thing. I wear one as my typical ski outfit, fully floral (see below). I can’t get enough of them. When I travel to ski towns, I always visit the local thrift shop to look for new ones (by the way you can find GOLD at ski town thrift shops, it’s where I picked up a Bogner Stretch Lavender Onsie). I am on a never ending quest to find the perfect onsie.

11. Go to the X-games and the Winter Olympics

I feel like these should be on everyone’s skiing bucket list, or at least one of them. This is skiing at its peak, whether you like speed, tricks, or just want to see what the pinnacle of skiing can be. I would love to attend both someday.

12. Ski alone and talk to everyone on the chair

I actually like skiing alone sometimes, it’s liberating getting to choose every run, every line, where and when you stop. But whenever I do it I put on some headphones and tune everyone out. It’s incredibly relaxing, but I feel like I’m missing out on a great opportunity. Everyone talks on chairlifts, and with no one there to refute me, who’s to say that I’m not a Duchess from Norway with 17 Bernese Mountain dogs just trying to blend in with the locals for a week to get away from palace life. Or a child prodigy who shunned that life for one of freedom, living in a van and using her healing powers to help those I meet every day.

If this isn’t enough, check out my blog 6 More Things on My Skiing Bucket List.

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  1. Brasco
    October 9, 2015 at 12:14 pm (7 years ago)

    #12 is the most fun!


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