Videos and Clips

The Force Awakens Unseen Footage – Snowboarding Lightsaber Fight

We are all super excited for the new Star Wars movie to come out.  And I’m sure you guys have seen all the trailers.  But, did you know you missed one?  An epic lightsaber fight no less.  On snowboards.  Check it out. SOURCE:   Read more…

Bad Ski Conditions

Not Powder Skiing… The Video of this Year’s Worst Ski Conditions

As everyone probably remembers, this past season’s ski conditions everywhere but the east coast were pretty crappy.   Some places were downright miserable and even un-skiable in areas (I’m looking at you Oregon). But if ski movies have taught us anything, it’s that there’s always powder somewhere.  Turns out, sometimes that’s just not true or attainable.  […] Read more…

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