Gary Busey
  1. That brief moment of panic when you’re not ready for the chair to come around and it hits you in the back of the knees, forcing you to sit down.
  2. The inexplicable way guys who ski regularly never seem to have any hair from about mid calf down from their ski boots.10 Things Only Skiers Will Understand 5
  3. How infuriating and difficult it is to walk through a crowded cafeteria in the lodge with a tray full of food trying to find a place to sit and see one person with all their gear splayed out across a 6 person table.
  5. Taking off your hat midday or after a long day of skiing and looking at least somewhat like Gary Busey.10 Things Only Skiers Will Understand
  6. The basic understanding that the more someone boasts about their skiing abilities, the worse they probably are.
  7. The unending quest to find the perfect amount and combination of layers, ever changing with new trends and styles. Baselayer and hoodie? Half zip and insulator with shell? Fleece with wicking tee? WHAT DO I WEAR TODAY?!?10 Things Only Skiers Will Understand 2
  8. Walking down stairs in ski boots, making you feel like a toddler learning to walk all over again.
  9. Interacting with people on the chairlift is basically like seeing your distant great aunt. Sometimes it’s awkward, sometime it’s okay, sometimes it’s great, but it is definitely not optional.
  10. The pure excitement of meeting another dedicated skier in any social situation. Immediate best friends for life.10 Things Only Skiers Will Understand 3

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10 Things Only Skiers Will Understand
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10 Things Only Skiers Will Understand
10 Things only Skiers will understand